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It’s not plagiarism if I copy myself
I’m now a content contributor for the SQLServerPedia wiki!  So you may now begin to see some of my content on the wiki as well. If you’ve not heard of SQLServerPedia, you should check it out and consider contributing.

It’s like a party, but for geeks
I’m trying to start a PASS Chapter for the Eastern Iowa region. So if you’re in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, or Waterloo, and are interested in attending or assisting with PASS, e-mail me at michelle @ sqlfool.com for more information.

I didn’t realize people still used IE
Thanks to Peter for informing me of the image distortion issue. Apparently Internet Explorer
is inferior to doesn’t handle image resizing as well as FireFox. The only solution I’ve found is to make 2 versions of each image: a smaller thumbnail and a larger “pop-up” image. I’ll work on updating past posts this week.

The more people that follow me, the better I feel about myself
Jason Massie rocked my world with his post, SQL Twitter n00bs #SQLPASS. I’ve now been using it for a couple of weeks and have found a lot of benefit in it. It helps that I try to only follow SQL or other techy, non-spamming people. If you’re new to Twitter, check out Brent Ozar‘s Twitter 101, which really helped shed some light on some of Twitter’s idiosyncrasies. Oh, and if you’d like to follow me on Twitter, you can find me at http://twitter.com/sqlfool.

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2 Responses to SQL Fool Happenings

  1. Chris says:

    IE is inferior to Firefox … is that why you posted that tip at work about how to get Firefox to render with the IE engine for all those pages it craps out on? :O)

  2. If you look at the screenshot in that e-mail, you’ll notice that all of the websites I have in the list are “internal apps” or Microsoft websites. 😉

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