Index Fragmentation PotW Webcast – Now Available

The Pain-of-the-Week webcast I did last Thursday is now online! You can find it here:

The topic of the webcast is index fragmentation: what is it, how to identify it, and how to fix it. You can find the materials for this webcast in my previous blog post. I’ll also be updating SQLServerPedia with the materials, hopefully tonight.

Thanks to the great feedback I’ve received, I’ll be doing another Pain-of-the-Week webcast, this time with Brent Ozar. More info to follow as we hammer out the specifics.

In a related note, I have updated my index defrag script. I’m just waiting for my awesome beta testers to let me know everything works for them. It works just fine on my servers (lol) but I don’t have access to any Standard editions, etc., so I just want to be extra sure before I unleash it on the SQL world. I should have it online tomorrow.


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