SQL Quiz 3: Are you being treated fairly?

In his latest SQL Quiz, Chris Shaw (aka @SQLShaw) asked,

“Do you feel like you are being treated fairly at your current or past employers? The question stems from the fact that very few people today stay at a company 20 to 30 years like they did when I was growing up. Do you feel like the company feels a loyalty toward the employee or do you think that they look at you just as head count?”

Wow. Talk about a loaded question!

I guess first we need to settle on a definition of “being treated fairly.” For my purposes, I’m going to interpret this as a mutually beneficial relationship in which my contributions are acknowledged and rewarded, and I’m able to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

So let’s take a look at the question again.

Am I being treated fairly at my current place of employment?
Absolutely. I love this company. It’s a good, positive work environment, and I’m encouraged to maintain a good work-life balance. For example, when I put in extra hours during a big project or an unexpected crisis, I usually get to leave work a little early on other days.

Side note: today’s my team’s Employee Appreciation Day. This afternoon, we’re going out to eat at a Japanese steakhouse, then out for a movie. All on the company’s dime and time. How cool is that?! Yes, we have openings. 😉

Have I been treated fairly at previous places of employment?
Umm… ermm… various sounds of hesitation…

The short answer is “no.” But, really, it’s been my own fault. I’ve let companies take advantage of me. I’ve worked too many hours, taken on too much responsibility, let myself be paid crap wages. So really, if anything’s to blame, it’s my eager-to-please nature. The reality is, if you open yourself up to being taken advantage of, you will be. This is true of people as well as companies.

If you don’t feel you’re being treated fairly at your job, schedule a meeting with your boss and explain your concerns. Don’t be all whiny about it, either. Be professional and stick to facts, such as “This last month, I’ve averaged 70 hours a week. Either reduce my hours, pay me overtime, or give me comp time.” It’s a pretty fair request. If they don’t address your concerns, then it’s probably time to start looking for a new job.

Do you feel like the company feels a loyalty toward the employee or do you think that they look at you just as head count?

It depends on the company. I think, realistically, most companies don’t feel any loyalty to an employee. That doesn’t mean the employee’s not appreciated and valued, and the company doesn’t want to retain the employee. But rather, at the end of the day, the company will do what’s best for the company, and if that means letting a valuable employee go for the “greater good of the company”… so be it.

Tag! You’re It.

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Source: http://sqlfool.com/2009/03/sql-quiz-3-are-you-being-treated-fairly/

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