Chainblogging: Deserted Islands Have WiFi?

Jason Massie tagged me in the latest round of ChainBlogging. This one was started by Tim Ford (SQLAgentMan) and asks:

So You’re On A Deserted Island With WiFi and you’re still on the clock at work. Okay, so not a very good situational exercise here, but let’s roll with it; we’ll call it a virtual deserted island. Perhaps what I should simply ask is if you had a month without any walk-up work, no projects due, no performance issues that require you to devote time from anything other than a wishlist of items you’ve been wanting to get accomplished at work but keep getting pulled away from I ask this question: what would be the top items that would get your attention?

Become a BI Jedi Master

I’ve mentioned before on Twitter that I’ve recently accepted a position on the BI team. So it stands to reason that one of my major goals now is to dig into BI. While I can muck my way through as a Padawan, I want to become a true BI Jedi Grand Master. This means not just learning the tools (i.e. BIDS), but learning how to best utilize BI to deliver fast, jaw-dropping BI results. This includes SSAS, MDX, data mining, and anything else BI-related. I want to be able to easily answer the how, what, why, and when. And did I mention I want it to be *fast*?

Service Broker

I’ve played around with this a little bit. For a while, I even toyed with the idea of rolling my own version of replication with Service Broker because of the inability to swap out partitions on a replicated table in SQL 2005. But I still haven’t had a good excuse to build and deploy Service Broker to production, so my experience and understanding is not as high as I’d like it to be.

Upgrade to SQL Server 2008

I’d like to upgrade a couple of our servers to SQL Server 2008 and immediately start applying some of the new functionality. I’d set up Resource Governor to help manage some of those pesky, run-away ad-hoc queries that users like to run. I’d start looking at opportunities to replace old indexes with sexy new filtered indexes, saving space and improving performance. And I’d like to see if MERGE really lives up to the hype in a production environment.

Clean Up My E-mail Inbox

This could take me a month alone. Seriously. Okay, maybe not seriously, but it could at least take a good week.

I’m tagging some of my favorite bloggers:

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5 Responses to Chainblogging: Deserted Islands Have WiFi?

  1. Joshua says:


    Can you send me the iPod Touch? Am I the only one constantly bugging you about the RAP contest? It has been a LOOOONG time since then and we’ve heard nothing about it. I put a lot of time and effort into my submission and I don’t want it to go to waste.

    Sorry if I sound whiney. Please pass the cheese.

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