Hello (BI) World!

For those who are not already aware, I’ve recently switched to the Business Intelligence team as an OLAP developer. I’m pretty excited about the opportunity to learn more about cubes and data mining, and I’ve decided it’s time to start sharing some of what I’m learning. My initial BI-related blog posts will probably be more entry-level topics as I learn my way around BIDS (Business Intelligence Development Studio).

To get started, I’d like to share my current favorite BI resource website: http://www.learnmicrosoftbi.com. LearnMicrosoftBI is an excellent, FREE website run by Craig Utley. Yes, you heard me right… you have to register, but the site is FREE. There are currently 38 videos on SSAS and BI-related topics, ranging from 7 minutes to 58 minutes long. I haven’t watched them all, but the ones I have watched have been helpful. If you’re trying to learn SSAS, be sure to check this site out.

Here’s a couple of other items of note:

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3 Responses to Hello (BI) World!

  1. Dave says:

    Welcome to the team!

  2. SDC says:

    That’s cool. I wish I could get more into the OLAP side of things. MDX and all that! Congrats!

  3. DavidStein says:

    Nice link. I’ve been looking for something like that forever. The book I bought for this is so dry and hard to read.

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