Live Blogging: Keynote at PASS, Day 2

So today is day 2 of the PASS Summit conference. The conference has been excellent so far, with tons of great content and tons of great folks. Yesterday’s keynote revealed some interesting tidbits, including SQL Server 2008 R2 setting the world record for TPC-E (transactions per second) and QphH (queries per hour). Be sure to refresh this page frequently for updates, or follow along on Twitter.

8:00 AM PST
Michelle shows up extra early today, having learned her lesson from yesterday. Coffee in hand. Ah, much better than yesterday. 🙂

8:41 AM PST
Rushabh Mehta just took the stage to the tune of All Star.

8:46 AM PST
Interesting statistics:

  • 15% reduction in revenue
  • 40% growth in the SQL PASS community
  • 67% reduction in IT expenses

Rushabh encourages support in the PASS community. He challenges everyone to volunteer at least an hour a month with your local user group. If you would like to become more involved in the local East Iowa SQL Server user group, please let me know!

8:51 AM PST
Wayne Snyder just took the stage to present the PASSion Awards. Folks recognized include:

  • Tim Ford (@sqlagentman) – for his work on the Program Committee and Quiz Bowl. Tim was no where to be seen!  Probably eating left-over bagels.
  • Grant Fritchey (@GFritchey) – for his contributions to getting SQL Server Standard relaunched. Grant also had the opportunity to show off his fabulous kilt!
  • Jacob Sebastian (@jacobsebastian) – for his contributions to the Asia community. He has started 6 chapters in India. Wow!
  • Amy Lewis – for her contributions to the BI Virtual Chapters and growing the sub-chapters.

9:00 AM PST
2009 International PASSion Award recipient is Charlie Hanania. Accomplishments include Swiss Chapter Leader and managing the entire 2009 PASS European Conference.

2009 North American PASSion Award recipient is Allen Kinsel (@sqlinsaneo)! Allen’s accomplishments include 5 years with PASS, and Program Manager for the 2009 Program Committee. He helped tremendously with Summit 2009, so if you see him around Summit, be sure to thank him!

Read more about the PASSion Award winners here.

9:07 AM PST
Tom Casey just took the stage. His first challenge is for all Summit attendees to act as agents of change in their respective organizations. Interesting statistic: only 20% of business users have the data they need to do their job effectively. Tom’s call to arms is to improve that statistic.

9:13 AM PST
Tom Casey: “PASS Summit is the place to be for B-I.” Statistics from Summit 2009: 2 dedicated BI tracks with 50+ BI-related sessions. Last year, 20% of attendees expressed interest in BI; this year, that number is 31%.

9:16 AM PST
Ron VanZanten, Directing Officer of Business Intelligence for Premier Bank Card, just joined Tom on stage. He works with over 25 TB of data and has used BI to leverage the data that they collect. His 3,200 employees use this information to perform their job. VanZanten wanted a flexible BI stack that would grow with the company. He’s successfully tested Madison to improve performance & scale out his environment. This is very encouraging news for any large data warehouse environment.

9:23 AM PST
Tom recognizes that data is available in a wide variety of mediums and that the numbers of sources will only continue to increase. He also introduces a new term: “spreadmart” – spreadsheets that are used as data marts.

9:30 AM PST
Amir Netz just takes the stage to give everyone a demo of the self-service BI offerings in SQL Server 2008 R2. Features include PowerPivot and SharePoint services. Amir shows us an Excel spreadsheet PowerPivot table with 100m rows. It’s amazingly fast. While I shudder to think of end users actually asking for 100m rows in Excel (and trust me, I’m sure it’ll happen), this is going to be a great breakthrough for our BI admins and our power IW users. It’s a time saver and gives greater visibility into data. While I realize the self-service BI offerings are still young, I’m excited for the future of BI. I can’t wait to implement what I’ve seen in our reporting environments.

11:55 AM PST
Tom Casey returns to center stage. Tom announces a contest to win an X-Box 360. To enter, follow @powerpivot & retweet: “Want to learn more, go to & sign up for the November CTP #powerpivot.” Tom concludes the keynote with his call to arms to increase the number of business users who have access to the BI data that they need to do their job effectively (currently 20%).

So there you have it, today’s keynote. Check back tomorrow for details on Thursday’s keynote; it looks to be the best yet.

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