Live Blogging: Keynote at PASS, Day 1

I’m honored to be invited to live-blog during the Summit keynotes. Most of my updates will be via Twitter, but I’ll periodically consolidate and update into blog posts throughout the keynote. Please check back frequently during the Summit for updates.

8:00 AM PST
Michelle gets situated at the blog table, running late and doesn’t even have time for coffee. Ack!

8:05 AM PST
Computer finishes booting up, Twitter loaded. Interesting statistics: 31% of folks expressed interest in Business Intelligence, up significantly from previous years. More than 400 Microsoft product developers and managers, and 98 SQL Server MVP’s, are in attendance.

8:06 AM PST
Wayne Snyder talks about Virtual Chapters. Did you know there are 5 sub-chapters in the Business Intelligence virtual chapter?

8:07 AM PST
Wayne reviews 24HoursOfPASS. Interesting statistics: 50,123 registrations, and 3,524 folks in 70+ countries.

8:09 AM PST
Wayne announces the return of SQL Server Standard. The first article was posted this past week. Content is free but only available online. Seasoned SQL Server authors can earn $500 per article. Interested parties should contact Grant Fritchey (@GFritchey).

8:18 AM PST
Closing words by Wayne: “Remember, no one should be a stranger at Summit.” Make sure to say “hi” to at least one person you have never met before. The more people feel welcome, the more successful the event!

8:24 AM PST
I receive my first-ever press announcement and immediately start leaking sharing the news. First up: SQL Server 2008 R2 CTP scheduled for November release! Also, looks like Madison is being rebranded as “SQL Server 2008 R2 Parallel Data Warehouse.” I think I prefer the simplicity of “Madison. 🙂

8:26 AM PST
Microsoft announces a new TPC-E record of 2,012 tpsE. This is a platform-independent world record for *any* OLTP system. Oracle, eat your heart out.

8:30 AM PST
More details on the TPC-E benchmark world record: Unisys ES7000 model 7600R Enterprise Server on 96-core Xeon platform (first server with >64 cores). The same Unisys server also reached 102,778 QphH (queries per hour), a data warehousing performance improvement of 70%.

8:39 AM PST
Bob tells us that the IO strain on virtualized machines is there but negated by Hyper-V. We’re given a demo of live migration: it appears that migration is seamless and that transactions are unaffected by the process. Very cool.

8:42 AM PST
Bob talks about the future of SQL Server as more companies move toward the cloud.

8:50 AM PST
Bob concludes his speech by discussing the future of the data professional, and how the DBA role will not become obsolete but merely transformed.

8:52 AM PST
Ted Kummert, Senior VP of SQL Server, takes the stage.

8:56 AM PST
Ted’s Top 5 Reasons to be at PASS Summit:

#1 You are part of the world’s largest gathering of SQL Server professionals
#2 You can take your questions directly to the “source”
#3 We’ve got Wayne and Rushabh
#4 You can work hard and PLAY hard
#5 You will build skills & knowledge on the #1 database in the world

9:16 AM PST
Dan Jones, Principle Group Program Manager for SQL Server Manageability, takes the stage.

9:20 AM PST
Dan gives us a demo of SQL Server 2008 R2, including Utility Control Points.

9:30 AM PST
I need to leave to check in for my 10:30 am presentation. Bummed I’m going to miss the last of the keynote. 🙁

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