The SQL Server DBA’s Guide to Teradata

6 months ago, I returned from maternity leave only to be handed the proverbial keys to a new database kingdom: Teradata. Being a long-time devotee of all things Microsoft SQL Server, I had quite a bit of learning to do to get up to speed on this new environment. In an effort to save others from the same headaches that plagued me the first few months, I have created a new guide to aid those new to the Teradata platform. I will primarily focus on what I have found most lacking: examples of how to convert SQL Server T-SQL to Teradata SQL. Rather than create a series of posts with random tidbits, I thought it would make more sense to create a single page for this guide and update it incrementally. You can find the very beginnings of this guide here: The SQL Server DBA’s Guide to Teradata. Good luck, and happy converting. 🙂